WTS:-Blackberry Porsche design p9981 $450usd


Buy 2 Unit and get 1 Unit free with free shipping service Buy 4 Unit and get 2 Unit free with free shipping service BLACKBERRY PORSCHE P9981 GOLD DESIGN (24 CARAT GOLD) Rush now for Blackberry, Samsung S3 and iPhone all new original and also unlocked out for sale at a low cost 12 months international warranty. Blackberry TK Victory / Samsung S3/Apple iPhone 4S / Blackberry Porsche design p9981 with special Pin code (2AA25555 2AAQFFFF 2AA8HHHH, 2AAR4477, 2AAQ6666) Arabic Keyboard & English keyboard For sale Blackberry 9860 - 9850 - 9810 - 9900 WITH SPECIAL PIN Blackberry Porsche design P9981 Blackberry TK Victory Blackberry Blade design Blackbeerry Q10 30% discount each order of purchase. Blackberry Porsche design p9981 $450usd FREE SHIPPING TO ALL MIDDLE EAST DELIVER WITHIN 2-3 DAYS THROUGH DHL & FEDEX & ARAMEX EMAIL: mohammedstore@hotmail.com mohammedstore01@gmail.com mohammedstore01@hotmail.com mohammedstore01@yahoo.com ADD BBM chart pin ====>> 25F7FA0C (24 hours) SKYPE: mohammedstore

Τιμή: 450 €
Περιοχή: Πελοπόννησος



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WTS:-Blackberry Porsche design p9981 $450usd

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