Standard equipment \r\nDrawbar: lower transportation hitch woth shock absorber and Ø50 rotary towing eye \r\nDrawbar support: hydraulic supporting leg (straight) \r\nHydraulic distributor steering from the operator\'s cabin \r\nBraking system: single line pneumatic or double line pneumatic or hydraulic \r\nCrank hand brake \r\nHydraulically driven rear wall (door latch) \r\nHydraulically driven rear rear cover (tailgate) \r\nDoor latch lifting height indicator \r\nFront protective net \r\nA ledder and side steps facilitating access to the loading case \r\nA set of mudguards \r\nDouble-component chemically hardened painting materials \r\nPainting colour of the loading case, drawbar, axles and feeding adapter: green RAL6010 \r\nPainting colour of the door latch, spreading adapter and tailgate: red RAL3000 \r\nWheel chocks and racks \r\nAdditional equipment (optional) \r\nBraking system: hydraulic \r\nBraking system: double line pneumatic \r\nBraking system: double line pneumatic with ALB \r\nDrawbar: upper transportation hitch with shock absorber and Ø50 rotary towing eye (scharmuller) \r\nDrawbar: upper transportation hitch with shock absorber and Ø40 fixed towing eye \r\nDrawbar: ball hitch system K80 \r\nIndividual hydraulic distributor steering \r\nPTO shaft - standard \r\nPTO shaft - wide angle \r\nTyres 600/55-22.5 \r\nSpare wheel (separately) 600/50-22.5 \r\nSpare wheel (separately) 600/55-22.5 \r\n\r\nTechnical data \r\n \r\nPermissible total weight: 21200* kg \r\nLoading capacity: 14000* kg \r\nEmpty weight: 7200 kg \r\nLoad volume: 14 m3 \r\nFloor square footage: 11,1 m2 \r\nInternal body dimensions (length x width): 5600 x 1955/1995 mm \r\nOverall dimensions of the trailer (lenght/width/height): 8820/2550/3740** mm \r\nSidewall height: 1265*** mm \r\nLoading case thickness (floor / sides): 4/3 mm \r\nPlatform height (with standard tyres): 1530 mm \r\nWheel track: 1940 mm \r\nSuspension: parabolic springs \r\nDrawbar load: 2500 kg \r\nTyres: 600/50-22,5* \r\nMaximum speed: 40 km/h \r\nPTO drive shaft operation 1000 rpm/min \r\nPower requirement: 147,4/108,3 HP/kW \r\nAdapter / maximum spreading width: AH20 / 25 m

Τιμή: Τιμή κατόπιν επικοινωνίας
Χιλιόμετρα: 0 km
Έτος Κυκλοφορίας:
Κυβικά: 14000 cc
Καύσιμο: -
Κατηγορία: Super Sport
Περιοχή: Αθήνα

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