Painting in old wood by Aris Kizir Santorini Greece


Painting in old wood by Aris Kizir Santorini Greece Aris Kiziroglou was born in Constantinople on 1/9/1966 by Greek parents. At the age of nine he left his home town once and for all, and settled in Athens (Greece), where he completed his studies at the Greek school and the French Institute. The island of Santorini is located in the southern part of Cycladic island complex, in the Aegean Sea in Greece. This is an island sung by poets and adored by artists. The history of the island lasts for over than four millennia. This very history surrounds my existence and marvels me. It can be felt everywhere. On the marble-stone pavements with the majestic captains’ mansions, the cellars and the houses built into the volcanic rock once lived by the crew members of ships that crossed the Mediterranean Sea carrying the vigorous suave wine Vinsanto and bringing back wood, porcelain and silverI live this history. I breathe it. Opposed to the domination of touristy kitsch, I created in 1999 an art spot in the heart of the traditional village of Oia with a view to impress the unique beauty of this place on a piece of its history (an old door, a window shade). I hope that my effort will shed light into the last remains of a past era through representations of modern art. The age of the wood is estimated in between 1800 and 1956. Its maintenance consists of time-consuming and complex procedures of cleaning, restoration and repainting before it can be used by the painter as a base material. Each one of his works is a unique piece of art and history of this island, and it is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and uniqueness. The panel sent by INSURED mail. Transport costs are not included in the price of the project. Contact: Aris Kiziroglou Santorini Greece Mob: +306955929817 Email: YouTube:

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Painting in old wood by Aris Kizir Santorini Greece

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