Iphone 6+ 128gb..$400


Email:michealpoul12345@gmail.com Skype:micheal.poul5 Buy 2 get 1 free. Iphone 6+ 128gb..$400/ Iphone 6 64gb ..$350/ Iphone 5S 64gb Gold..$300/ Iphone 5S 64gb(W&B)..$300/ Iphone 5 64gb..$ 300/ Samsung galaxy S5...$300/ Samsung galaxy S4..$ 250/ Blackberry Z 10 ...$230/ HTC X 1 one m8 .............$230/ Apple macbook pro ..$400/ Canon mark III digital camera..$600/ Sales Conditions:/ 1. All are Brand new original apple sealed in box./ 2. All products will be delivered to you with 3-4 days./ 3. All products come with Apple international warranty./ 4. All products are in USD$ currency./ For all 2units you will get 1 free/ For all 4units you will get 2 free/

Τιμή: 400 €
Περιοχή: Αθήνα



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Iphone 6+ 128gb..$400

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